I actually got one step further already. After studying Inkscape for a while, I finally managed to make some kind of logo, without tutorial. More to come that's for sure.

Check it on the left, my dancing girl autumn tree. Using some blur, drawing a silhouette, inventing some flower motif, it's all there.

For those looking for some inspiration once in a while, I recommend to check out The Inspiration Stream, it's a site full of beauties, and well worth the watch, I love it anyway...

I just like the old wallpaper feel! A paisley design is about the closest you can get to that in my opinion. There are so many of them, and I gave it a try in Inkscape as well.

The Very Simple Designs tutorial is nice to get started, but really, once you get the hang of it, just let go and follow your instinct.

It took me a while to figure out how to create a seamless pattern, but in the end I got it, using the allign tool and the clipping tool. Any questions will be answered gladly, but for now I just wanted you to see my result on the left.

Ha, a rainy day in Belgium, quite a cold one even, seems perfect to browse through some old material. Not just for good old times, but to try something else, very cheap indeed. I'm gonna put some of my flower photo's on stock sites, and see what it brings. I'll give Fotolia and Dreamstime a try. I know, Shutterstock is the real big fish, but those two smaller ones, have less conditions to join. So let's give it a go for now, why not? It's a good test to know how people appreciate your work, but remember, no pressure, just the process...
O.K., those where my first steps in the digital painting realm. I didn't find out how to configure the Gimp 2.6. pressure sensitivity when I made these, but I decided to put them on anyway, just to check progress in the future. All of them are based on tutorials from KalaaLog and Neil Fontaine. It's a must to check out those sites as a beginning painter. Although right now, I notice that the KalaaLog has been suspended. Hope it will be back soon...
Based on Moxstudios tutorial
I downloaded Gimp 2.8. a while ago, and although it's very satisfying to work with the volatile program, there's an important feature, which is not available: tablet pressure sensitivity. In the next stable version, it should be added, but for now the best option is to stay put with Gimp 2.6., also an amazing piece of free software.

As I started to discover the beauty of digital painting, I also decided to use the Gimp Paint Studio add-on, you can find it here. It adds options, to make the Gimp environment more suitable for paintings or drawings. Underrated but superb.

The painting on the left is based on a Moxstudios tutorial. Pretty cool, how a childish drawing turns into a piece of heaven.

Based on Kalaalog tutorial
I remembered buying a small drawing tablet years and years ago. A little attic stripsearch brought it back in the light, and I must say, it's one of my closest friends already!! Small, out of date, very VERY little pressure sensitivity, but I recall it being ridiculously cheap, and for me, it works!! Hello again, Wacom Volito.

I'm new to digital painting, but I'm trying out all sorts of tutorials, and bit by bit, sone by stone...

The painting on the side is my latest work, and it's based on a KalaaLog tutorial. The site is a must see for beginning drawers and painters. A goldmine it is!

For those who are new to Inkscape, I suggest to check out (what's in a name?) Very Simple Designs. Amazing how detailed the instructions, and how wonderful the results!! All of those works above are based on the tutorials... Especially, I'm a huge fan of country shading.
Based on PA Blog tutorial
Gimp is for rasterized art, what Inkscape is for vector art: free and outstanding!!! I especially wanted to give this tutorial a try, because it is an adaptation of a Photoshop tut! And what a result. Just love it.

So I guess by now the software of THE little FACTORY is about collected. Ever forward from scratch... 

I just followed another tut, you can check it here. Places to develop your inkscape skills are really everywhere on the net, but I adore the selection of the official site the most I guess. Some amazing stuff can be found there!!
For those who think freeware is not able to compete with other professional programs, check this out. 
Inkscape is a goldmine, just learn how to dig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Based on Noclayto tutorial
Ha, in this factory, it's all about the process. The results may follow along, but foremost it has to be fun! And believe me Inkscape is a perfect tool for that, for beginners (like me) to masters all over the globe.

And why not start with a few tutorials, just to get the hang of it? This one is made by Noclayto, and I just love it. Check it out here. Have fun...