I actually got one step further already. After studying Inkscape for a while, I finally managed to make some kind of logo, without tutorial. More to come that's for sure.

Check it on the left, my dancing girl autumn tree. Using some blur, drawing a silhouette, inventing some flower motif, it's all there.

For those looking for some inspiration once in a while, I recommend to check out The Inspiration Stream, it's a site full of beauties, and well worth the watch, I love it anyway...

6/6/2013 14:06:03

Love the tree! Colourful and vibrant. The shape of the trunk is great as well.

11/2/2015 11:18:38

This is awesome. I wish even I could create something like you... NO matter hwo many drawing sketching illustration softwares you know , If you dont have an inspiring idea and another idea to express it in graphics Persuasively ,, you totally fail I mean thats me I fail.....

Though working on improving my skills

Thanks for sharing this inspiring Creation of yours ...and the site link



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